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Introduction to Taxation

In Ogden City School District funding comes from three general sources: federal, state, and local funds.  Federal funds account for 16.59% of the school district's General Fund revenue and is appropriated for specific purposes. State funds account for 64.20% of the district's General Fund revenue and local funding accounts for 19.21% of the district's General Fund revenues.  The majority of this local portion (75%) is from property taxes.  The district must impose a minimum Basic property tax levy and contribute the proceeds of that levy to the cost of providing educational services. The more Basic Levy revenue collected, the less state funding–from the Uniform School Fund–is required.

On this website, to the left, you will find a variety of documents, schedules and links to other websites all designed to provide you with additional knowledge and greater understanding of the relationship between public education and property tax.  We invite you to reference these resources and if you feel we can be of assistance, contact us. 

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